Java Installation

Practice makes a man perfect

So, let's start our coding. But before that you have to do some more before you can actually start writing your program. I am assuming you are using Windows 7. For other systems, you can check corresponding manuals.

  1. Download JDK
           As given by the link in the previous post, download JDK in your machine
     2.  Install JDK
          Once you have downloaded the installer, double click on it and click Next util it comes to an end.
     3.  Set PATH of your system
          Your system is now have installed JDK. Next we have to set the PATH variable of your system.

           Right click on My Computer
             Click on Properties. On right pane you see, Advanced system settings. Click that.
             A pop up opens. Click Environment Variables...

               This opens another pop up.  In the upper box, you will find JAVA_HOME. Double click it. It opens a pop up. Copy the Variable value and press OK.

                  In the lower box find PATH and select that one. Click on Edit.
                      Leave everything as it is. Just paste the value in the last in the Variable value field.

                     Now click OK on each pop up and open Command Prompt and type javac -version

     4. Congratulations
                Java is now installed in your system.  All set, On the next level, we're going to write our first program

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Palash Kanti Kundu

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