Programming is fun...

'Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.' - Linus Torvalds 

Programming actually gives you satisfaction. When a program written by you works as expected, you feel extremely satisfied. Writing a program is more like instructing your slave (in form of a PC). If you instruct a person to give you information for a whole day about different topics, s/he cannot do that, if you ask a person to sing songs for a whole day s/he cannot do that. Because, living creatures are not repetitive in nature. 

Computers love to do repetitive jobs. So you can accomplish your job done using the machine in front of you. It will follow each instructions provided to it without any objection.

Sounds interesting ?
If it grows interest in you, you can follow this space for more.

What will you achieve following these space ?

This series will try to
1.            give you an overview of programming and how computer programs work. 
2.            provide you information on Java with examples.
3.      draw analogy of Java programs to real world scenarios

Who am I ?

I am Palash Kanti Kundu, a programmer.

Why am I doing this ?

1. Almost two years ago, one of my seniors told me, 'Every day you learn something new'
2. Someone in my team told me this morning, 'knowledge sharing always helps'. I am just trying to be helpful to people who are interested in programming.
3. My friend told me, if no one is reading your blog also, you keep it as your own online 

What if you are not getting what you are finding for ?

You can post your comments on blogs and I will try my best to provide you the information.

What if you find wrong information ?

Everyone is error prone. So am I.
Please post as a comment on the blog which contains wrong information. I will verify and correct it.


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